Anti-slip surfaces and strips from the English company Heskins and the American company Signus for outdoor and indoor use on floors, stairs, boats, steps and equipment. All non-slip shoes manufactured by the English company Heskins are certified by German testing laboratories in all parameters required by the standards. Signus tapes and belts are certified by SGS testing and manufactured according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. They excel in their technical properties (glue quality, abrasion, durability, resistance to tearing, peeling, sanding, water, air humidity, etc.), which ensure long-term durability. The choice of these belts and tapes with high durability ultimately brings cost savings (often the cost of removing the old tape, cleaning the adhesive and sticking a new one is much higher than the difference in the price of the tape), Advantageously, the belts and surfaces are used where appropriate cover the entire area of ​​the steps, boarding areas and areas in the aisles.