• If I order goods "Pay on delivery", can I open and check the shipment before paying it?

You can check the package before paying for the order. If you want to take advantage of this option, some carriers require you to pay a small fee for not taking over the open box. If the goods are damaged, you can refuse to take over.

  • How can I change my delivery address?

If you have placed an order, the address in the e-shop can no longer be changed. Please contact our customer service. However, a change of delivery address after shipment can be agreed upon with the carrier.

  • How does a pallet shipment work?

When you order goods in many boxes or packages, and the total shipping exceeds the price of the pallet shipment, we usually arrange transport on a pallet. Transportation then costs cheaper.

The carrier will contact you within 2-9 working days and arrange a delivery date with you.

Important note please: The carrier may charge a surcharge for the delivery of pallets inside the buildings.

  • Why do I pay more than the standard price for shipping?

If the goods in one shipment exceed the weight limit, the contents of the shipment are divided into several shipments, which are charged separately. Or if the shipment exceeds the standard dimensions at which the carrier provides a contract price

  • What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

Carriers send SMS and e-mail about delivery time. If it does not reach you at the given address:

The solution depends on the carrier who delivers your shipment. The following solutions are most often chosen:

The carrier will deliver the shipment to your neighbor after agreement with you.
The carrier does not deliver the shipment and schedules a new delivery attempt (usually the next day).

If the carrier fails to deliver the consignment even on the second or third delivery attempt, it will store the consignment in its warehouse and inform you about it. This will give you several days during which you can pick up the shipment before it is sent back to us.

  • When will I receive my shipment?
The order begins to be processed from the moment of payment / if it is not sent by cash on delivery.

We ship the goods marked "In stock" on the e-shop no later than the next day after ordering. The carrier usually delivers in the EU within 7 days after receipt of the order. You will usually receive your shipment within 4-10 days after ordering (on business days).