My shipment arrived damaged

We are very sorry that you received a damaged product. The fastest way to process and send a new product is to fill out the Complaint Form. If you also send us detailed photos, we can help you faster. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours (on working days). If you do not receive a reply within this period, please contact our complaints department by e-mail or by phone at 733 773 234.

I am missing some parts for the product or the shipment is not complete

It often happens that smaller products or parts are wrapped in foil and are not visible through other box filling material. Please double check the entire contents of the box and packing material. If you find that a part of the shipment is really missing, we apologize. We will definitely fix it quickly. Use the Complaint Form to resolve the issue. If this is a special component, please contact our complaints department by phone at 733 773 234.

Why did you cancel my order?

In very rare cases, we cannot deliver the ordered product, and therefore we will cancel the order.

The reason is most often:

The product is no longer in stock and the delivery time cannot be confirmed (at the time of the order, another customer in the stores has already chosen the last product.)

The product was the last, and a shortage was found during the quality control during packaging.

Address information is unclear or incorrect

Why doesn't my order tracking number work?

We're sorry your order tracking number is down. The carrier probably has a problem on the portal. If you need the information immediately, please ask our customer service for information.