Labeling of packaging is carried out by the manufacturer, importer or downstream user (ie company - employer). For instance, if you are pouring chemicals into smaller packages at your workplace, you need to mark these "replacement" packages.

A packaged substance or mixture classified as hazardous shall be labeled with the prescribed elements. The minimum label dimensions are determined by the size of the package. The hazard pictograms indicate specific hazard information. Signal words indicate the level of hazard severity, the following two levels are distinguished: "hazard" (indicates more severe hazard categories) and "warning" (indicates less severe hazard categories).

The Warning pictograms have a square shape with a top up. Each warning pictogram shall cover at least one fifteenth of the surface area of ​​the harmonized label but shall not be less than 1 cm2.
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TOXIC - Symbol GHS 06

TOXIC - Symbol GHS 06

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