Head injuries are one of the most common and the most dangerous of all. There is a high probability of serious or even fatal injury.

Head protection is certainly a necessary precautionary protection for every worker not only in the construction industry, but also in other industries and other working environments. It is very important to choose a way to protect your head not only by design, but especially by preventing head injury.

Protective helmet
To choose the right safety helmet, it is necessary to identify the risk: struck by falling objects or combined risk (eye protection and face protection).

The helmet has three functions:
Anti-penetration function - prevents direct penetration and effectively protects the skull
Shock absorber function - shock absorbed by helmet and inner harness
Deflection function - The shape of the helmet allows to deflect the falling object away from the top of the head

Standards used:
EN397 - Safety helmets for industry
EN50365 - Helmets with electroinsulating properties for use in low voltage environments
EN812 - Impact resistant helmets for industry