The LOCKOUT TAGOUT system, abbreviated as LOTO, is used to ensure safety during repairs and maintenance of various equipment where there is a risk of injury. The aim of this system is to prevent the unauthorized switching on of machines or devices that are being serviced, thus minimizing the risks associated with their use.
  • Mechanical risk refers to the movement of equipment or the operations of machinery such as a press, lathe or crusher.
  • A chemical risk occurs when there are chemicals or gases in the pipeline, including for example vapors or acids.
  • Electrical risk, on the other hand, arises when handling electric current.
Tagout means tag. For better orientation, it is important to mark the locking device correctly with a personal tag, which contains information about: - the place where the device is locked out and until when - the responsible person - the necessary steps before turning it on.
The Lockout Tagout system is used to prevent occupational accidents, unwanted deaths of workers, technological losses of raw materials, damage to equipment and industrial accidents associated with releases of hazardous substances into the environment. Using the LOTO system makes us think about what else we can improve in our workplace.