Plastic templates for horizontal marking.

Precisely CNC-cut plastic templates for painting pictograms by spray or by roller application. Marking with the help of a template can be easily created in a few minutes on walls, sidewalks, packing sheds by spraying with a suitable abrasion-resistant spray. Templates are reusable.

To order, we can create any template up to 1.6 x 3.4 m in size.

We supply both parts of the template, in case someone wants to use the inner cut part as well.

Material: plastic 0.5 mm

The size of the templates in the menu:

  • A: 940 x 940 mm, font height (numbers): 630 mm
  • B: 470 x 470 mm, font height (numbers): 320 mm
  • C: 235 x 235 mm, font height (numbers): 160 mm
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