First aid kit SwissMed

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Portable first aid kit SWISSMED with equipment SPORT. More

Manufacturer: Traiva s.r.o Product code: 4573 Shipping and Payment

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Portable first aid kit SWISSMED with equipment SPORT. More

Manufacturer: Traiva s.r.o Product code: 4573 Shipping and Payment

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34,68 €

First aid kit in a bag made of modern and tough EVA material covered with textile.

Holds shape while being soft. Excellent design, high quality. It can accommodate our equipment without any problems and you will still have room for additional components. Bag warranty is 8 years. Durability / Expiration: min. 4 years. The bag has practical pockets and closes on the zipper closure. It has a shoulder strap, so it is comfortable to carry.

Technical description
First aid kit with equipment, in soft case made of modern EVA material, which is covered with textile. It is water resistant high quality material, soft and keeps its shape. Material: EVA, fabric covered Dimensions: 270 x 230 x 90 mm

Basic equipment for portable and other first aid kits designed for athletes. The equipment is compiled on the basis of the risks of the most common injuries in sports. Here you will find everything you need for basic treatment, but also, for example, special abrasion patches.

The equipment and contents of the first aid kit are designed in cooperation with first aid experts

It contains the most necessary means for saving health and life quickly and effectively. Especially in seconds or minutes, and the ambulance service cannot help effectively in such a short time. It also includes a first aid picture card, in which everyone can quickly find out how to provide first aid. In case of injury of a large artery - arm, thigh, neck - it is possible to bleed within 90 seconds!

Technical description of equipment - first aid kit refills:

List of medical material in the equipment

  1. 5x Disinfectant wipe (2 pcs / pack)
  2. 2x Compress gauze sterile 7.5 x 7.5 cm (2 pcs / pack)
  3. 2x Compress gauze sterile 5 x 5 cm (2 pcs / pack)
  4. 2x Sterile bandage 8 cm x 5 m
  5. 3x Finished bandage with 1 cushion
  6. 3x Finished bandage with 2 pillows
  7. 1x STEROWASH eye wash - disposable 20 ml
  8. 1x Flexible non-sterile bandage
  9. 1x Patch - quick dressing 6 cm x 1 m
  10. 1x Patch with cushion 8 x 4 cm (6 pcs / pack)
  11. 1x Cover foil - drape 20 x 20 cm
  12. 1x Isothermal foil
  13. 1x Patch on a spool 2.5 cm x 5 m
  14. 1x Rubber tourniquet
  15. 1x Three-pronged scarf
  16. 1x Surgical gloves
  17. 1x Scissors with round points
  18. 1x First aid card
  19. 1x Form - book of injuries