Threshold ramp APTR

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Product code: 5511 Shipping and Payment

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Threshold ramp APTR Dimensions: 90 x 76 x 9.5 cm - Code: 17839 More than 20 pcs in stock 49,55 €

The universal threshold ramp barrier-free ramp composed of 4 parts helps to overcome height barriers when using wheelchairs, wheel walkers, etc.
Thanks to the variability of this approach, it is possible to adjust the height as close as possible to your requirements. The height of the ramp is divided into 4 heights, which can be used: 30 mm, 45 mm, 75 mm, 95 mm

The barrier-free ramp is made of durable HDPE plastic. Assembling the ramp to create a barrier-free entrance is easy thanks to the simple insertion into the grooves.
Use for bike, ramp for wheelchair, motorcycle, hand truck. Easy to install. Available to keep the vehicle inside and use for installation in emergency situations;
Features and benefits:

1. Smaller parts for easier transport and saving of transport space.
2. Anti-slip surface. Anti-slip mat on the back The bottom has a ribbed frame for greater strength
3. Two installation holes on each piece
4. Enter-lock design
5. Thanks to its wider design, it is ideal for access to the driveway
6. Much stronger than wooden board
If the ramp is fixed in a permanent place, you can attach it to the surface. Prefabricated holes for this use are located in the first part. (Installation material not included)

Technical parameters:
Height: according to use 30 mm, 45 mm, 75 mm, 95 mm
Width: 90 cm
Material: HDPE plastic
Weight: 4 kg
Load capacity: 150 kg

The package contains all 4 parts.