A respirator (protective mask, respirator) is a device designed to protect against inhalation of hazardous substances dispersed in the air - gases or dust particles. There are more types and sizes of respirators, depending on the type of substance the respirator is supposed to protect against. They are usable in a variety of work environments; from routine protection of persons at work, through medical or industrial respirators, to use as part of military equipment. Half mask covers the mouth and nose, glasses must be worn when protecting the eyes. The simplest model of respirator can be considered a hygienic mask.

There are two main categories of respirators:
- The filter respirator is used to filter out the inhaled air, to filter out the specified substances based on the filters used.
- The respirator contains a supply of fresh, non-toxic air it supplies to the user.

FFP - means total inward penetration and corresponds to total face mask performance, expressed in %. The lower the %, the higher the mask performance. FFP1: 22%, FFP2: 8%, FFP3: 2%